The Ultimate Netflix Review

Netflix holds the crown as the leader amongst online DVD rental services.

Distinct from most of its competitors, Netflix permits the "watch immediately" feature that streams TV shows and movies right into any of your electronic gadgets.

In fact, just the live streaming feature of Netflix by itself makes it the No.1 choice for online DVD rental suppliers.

Netflix has fantastic user-friendliness and is one of the reasons why they are such a winner with the public.

For instance, Netflix is easily assessable on PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360, Mac Laptops, Windows, including standard TV sets, Internet-linked televisions, and any hand-held apparatus such as an iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone. In addition, Netflix provides considerably more than live streaming.

Fast and free shipping, an easy to navigate website, a simple ordering procedure, unlimited DVD rentals, along with a liberal one-month trial opportunity.

It's all in the Price and the Benefits

For the very deep, deep price of $7.99, you have the advantage of becoming a member of the Netflix elite with access to the top online DVD rental service anywhere in cyberspace!

Even though only one DVD is allowed each time, you have no restriction to how many DVDs you are permitted within a month.

To top it off, there are no late fees!

As soon as your last DVD is in the mail, you will receive your next DVD one day later. In addition, for an extra $7.99 each month, you can have entrée to the "watch immediately" segment of Netflix, which grants a major assortment of television titles and movies.

What's the catch?

Nothing really, except that you have the luxury of sitting in your abode and watch episode after episode of your favorite movies or TV programs and rather cheaply at that!

The only requirement of you, the user, is to go online and sign-up.

After becoming a member of Netflix, you and whoever, are free to use your account! Subsequent to everyone finding out about your hidden treasure, you won't be able to enjoy a moment of Netflix alone!

 Netflix Info is on Target

If ratings, length, cast director, format of movies or television shows, and sub-title languages is relevant when selecting what shows you prefer to watch, Netflix is on-point with providing this type of information.

In fact, not only will Netflix supply this crucial data, they also provide incredible linkage.

Every director and cast member's name is allied with other sites where their additional work can be located and viewed. For example, if you have a favorite actor, their name will be linked to their own page and you can view all of their television shows and movies along with a biography about the actor.

In addition, the genus of the television or movie is linked to other suggestions full of similar viewing. Which saves you, the user, plenty of searching time!

Getting There is Easy 

One thing that reviews have in common about Netflix is the ease of accessing their products.

Therefore, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand why Netflix completely outstrips their competitors in this category alone.

Accommodating to those dependent on technology, Netflix TV shows and movies can be viewed on just about any gadget you have outside of your microwave! In addition to their "watch instantaneously" alternative, any of your favorite shows can be streamed directly to any of your devices.


From romance, adventure, science, horror, documentaries, and everything in between, Netflix has a broad range of genres for their customers.

In addition to movie choices, they offer a wide scope when it comes to TV shows as well. With Netflix, you can actually watch the movies and TV shows that really interest you.

With a humungous selection of movie titles and thousands to watch instantaneously with live-streaming, Netflix outruns the competition with little effort.

Customer Support

It's simple, Netflix is easy to use.

Truthfully, anyone half awake can use Netflix, it's just that simple, and that's a big bonus in their favor! Just sign-up, register an account, and begin searching for new movies or your all-time favorites.

You have the opportunity to search through a plethora of great movies and TV titles, and locate your favorite genus, actor, or director.

In addition, you can always check out the reviews of other Netflix members to find a good movie to watch on a Saturday night.

Once you have found the movie you want to watch, go to the "add" button and your selection will go to your selection box.


Are you a movie buff and have a ton of movies you would like to watch?

Simply add those movies to your selection box and have your movies delivered to you the next business day.

When you are finished viewing one movie, slip the disc in the pre-paid envelope, put it in the mailbox, and the next movie waiting in your movie selection will be delivered to you the following day. It's as easy as taking candy from a baby. Okay, maybe not as sweet, but easy, yes.


Netflix has an informative FAQ section and telephone support.

There are no email or live-chat support options. Nonetheless, this is not a hindrance since most customers prefer telephone support to email or live-chat online support anyways. Even though live-chat could provide customers with faster contact. But who knows?

This feature could be in the works.

Nevertheless, customers have been quite satisfied with the Netflix telephone customer service. According to users, they were connected to live-support within 15 seconds!


Netflix has taken DVD and TV viewing to the next level. If you really love watching movies, Netflix can't be beat. Their monthly fee is definitely a tempter considering that it cost less than a theatre ticket!

If you want to get rid of your other means of viewing entertainment, be sure to keep Netflix in mind. It's just too good to pass up!